Just a few days left! This will probs be my last post until after the deadline – just wanted to check in a bit with my progress since last time, no in-depth look at my approach this time, just a quick rundown of what I’ve accomplished.

iPad as a synth workstation

Things have movedĀ very quickly in the last four days. Immediately after finishing tracking the vocals, I made a push to lay down a bass part on everything. With the simple drum beats I put together for the scratch takes, at that point I had acceptable, if very minimal, recordings for each of the songs. I got that done, more or less, by Thursday night, and it wasn’t really anything terribly exciting: I used the same approach as for guitars and vocals, tracking about 5 takes for each song and then, when needed, putting together an edit from those. For the most part, I was able to run one take for the majority of a song, just slicing in the odd passage here and there.

After that, it was on to tracking synth and keys parts. I’m not quite finished with that, but I’d say I’m about 95% of the way there. 8 of my ten songs are fully tracked, I think, and two more have everything arranged and just need to be layered a bit more richly.

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