Lately, I’ve been trying to remember to carry my camera with me as I go about my business, just in case inspiration strikes while I’m out. I’ve captured a handful of scenes in Peterborough in the last week or two, here are some of them:

Charlotte St., Peterborough, Ontario
Charlotte St., Peterborough, Ontario
Bell Building, Hunter Street, Peterborough, Ontario
Park & Sherbrooke, Peterborough, Ontario
The Avenues by night
Charlotte and Aylmer, Peterborough, Ontario
Rotary Park, Peterborough, Ontario

As you may notice, this probably isn’t the best town for dramatic street photography, but hey, it’s home. These photos are pretty representative of what I see on a typical day – other than stopping for a minute or two to compose and take the shot, none of these involved going out of my ordinary routine.

I started in on developing the photos from the Peterborough Folk Festival today, hopefully I’ll start being able to upload those tomorrow after I get back from Keene.

Kentmere 400 developed in ID-11, Minolta Maxxum 7000i, Maxxum 50mm f/1.7 and 35-105mm f/3.5