Welp, I created this blog about a year ago with the idea that it was going to be a space for me to share my photographic and musical machinations with the Internet at large. To the extent that I’ve put anything up here, that’s exactly what I have done, but what’s up here doesn’t nearly reflect my output in that time.

Fact o’ the matter is, I just can’t be arsed to get my creative work into the digital realm consistently. I spend enough of my time at work and at home staring unthinkingly at one electronic device or another, and so the creative work that grabs me is stuff that gets me away from these glowing rectangles. Work that engages my mind and my body and my heart and my soul and my senses in something real.

If I’m not gonna blog my creative work in se, I maybe should do something different with this space – so here we go. But first, as an offering of my creative work: a terrible scan of the contact sheet for my shoot with Dave Tobey, proprietor of the Spill, which I did at the beginning of August. (Click image for the full-res version.)

Dave Tobey Contact Sheet

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Originally aired November 19, 2012 on Trent Radio.

“Israel vs. Palestine” vs. peace and human dignity.

Pre-empted my planned program after the shooting started in Gaza on the 14th. Managed to go for 15 minutes before actually getting to the songs I planned, that must be some sort of record.


Correction: I stated on air that, of the eight authors of the Gaza Youth’s Manifesto for Change, 7 had received scholarships in America but were denied permission by Israel to leave Gaza to study. In fact, this was the case for only one of the eight authors.