Since I started in on learning about and practising photography over the summer, one resource that I’ve found to be fantastic is the Art of Photography podcast, made by Ted Forbes.

There is far more content there than I’ve been able to work through, but I’ve been getting a lot out of it. Unlike a lot of the other photography resources out there, this podcast stays clear of focusing on high-end or brand-new gear, which makes it a good resource for people working with 25-year old second-hand equipment, like myself. So much of photography is all about practice – the practice of seeing, of composing, of exposing – rather than about equipment, which it seems sometimes gets forgotten.

Ted’s been focusing a lot lately on film development and printing, which is relevant to my interests. Yesterday I put together this quick video response to one of his, explaining my setup and the sort of workflow I’m working with right now:

Yeah, I am no YouTube superstar. But making this was good fun, mayhaps I’ll do it again sometime.

(Yes, just squeaked by for my goal of doing a post every day – 11:59pm, baby!)