I’ve been making music for about 20 years now, first as just as a guitar player and branching out to more instruments, and the recording and production side of things, over the years.

My music projects cover a lot of ground, including:

  • Performance: vocals, guitar, bass, autoharp, synths/keyboards
  • Composition & arrangement
  • Production: recording engineering, mixing
  • Mastering

Recent projects

Rob Hailman – Astroturf

A full solo album – my first – recorded in the month of February as part of the RPM Challenge. I blogged about the project and my process a few times during the month.

This was a 100% solo project – I did the arrangement, performances, engineering, production, mixing, and mastering, all in the month of February.

No Pussyfooting – Nasty Brutish & Short

The latest EP from No Pussyfooting, the twistwave band that I front. Released in March 2017.

My contributions to this album include composition and arrangement (with the rest of the band), vocals, guitar, keyboards, production (with the rest of the band), and mastering.

Sarah Bea – “Live Through This”

A great track from my friend Sarah, recorded in December 2016. Sarah wrote the song and carries most of the performance on her own; I play bass and autoharp, engineered the recording session, and mixed and mastered the resulting track.