As a game developer, most of my published works to date have been completed as part of Ludum Dare. I have competed in Ludum Dare 7 times to date – some submission highlights include:

Tenement Rush

Tenement Rush title screenA submission for Ludum Dare 37, in December 2016. You play as a recent immigrant to 19th-century America, trying to make space for your constantly-arriving relatives in your one-room flat.

This game was rated #18 (out of 901 compo entries) in the “Theme” category by the Ludum Dare community.

Xtreme Crop Duster Simulator ’82

My Ludum Dare 34 (December 2015) submission – a Commodore 64-style side scrolling flight simulator. More than anything else, this game was an experiment in honing my ability to capture the character and limitations of an 8-bit system in a modern game engine.

This game was rated in the top 100, out of 1231 compo submissions, in four categories: overall, fun, audio, and graphics.


Game Event Webpage Source
Press Corps PtboGameJam02 GitHub
Super Egyptian UFO Cat Pyramid Overlord 2000 BC Ludum Dare 36 GitHub
Robot Escape Ludum Dare 35 GitHub
Red Threat Ludum Dare 32 GitHub
Trench War Ludum Dare 31 GitHub
Smugglers Ludum Dare 30 GitHub