Two microphones, side by sideSince my previous post, I’ve made some great progress with this project. Last week, I laid down all of the rhythm guitar parts, and I’m pretty happy with them. I mostly tracked electric guitars, with a few absolutely great-sounding acoustic guitar parts as well.

After taking this past weekend off to participate in Ptbo Game Jam 02 (a ton of fun, but why oh why did it have to be the same month as the RPM Challenge?) I put in a solid day on Monday, and finished tracking all of the lead vocal takes for my 10 songs. In my mind, those two are the hard parts: there’s still plenty to do, but most of it’s either going to be sequenced, or just less taxing on me as a performer, so the challenges on the horizon are going to be more about creative decision making rather than hard musicianship.

I have to admit: I find very little joy in tracking vocals. I’m no stranger to singing – I’ve been doing it on stage and in the studio for over 10 years – but while I’m confident enough in front of a microphone I’m, objectively speaking, not a great singer. I long ago made peace with how my recorded voice sounds, but all the same this is the part of the recording process that I find the most taxing, and the time when I feel the most vulnerable, for lack of a better word.

I have a decent idea, from past experience, about how to produce my vocal parts so they sound good, and by the end of this last phase of this project, I got into a pretty solid routine for approaching laying down the takes, so for the rest of this post I’ll go over that in more detail.

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Work Yard

Hey friends,

Looks like I made myself a blog. Who knows? Not sure exactly what I’ve got planned for this space, but I suspect in future I’ll be posting music, photos, and ramblings. But maybe not.

– Rob